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Colour rich and smooth application. Long lasting blend of organic waxes and oils enriches and protects the lips all day.

Category: Lips
Code: BE-2501/30
Pack size: 3
Shades: 30
Measures: 4g/0.14oz

Barcodes: Silver Rose 5018744025017, Tansy Tease 5018744025024, Pink Crush 5018744025031, Sweet Pea 5018744025048, Wild Watermelon 5018744025055, Foxglove Fever 5018744025062, Sweet Apricot 5018744025079, Birch 5018744025086, Tea Rose 5018744025093,  Dusky Pink 5018744025109, Cherry Blossom 5018744025116, Warm Pecan 5018744025123,  Paprika 5018744025130, Cappuccino 5018744025147, Praline 5018744025154, Rosehip 5018744025161, Day Lily 5018744025178, Pomegranate 5018744025185, Ripe Cherry 5018744025192,  Raspberry 5018744025208, Rosewood 5018744025215, Cerise 5018744025222, Azalea 5018744025239, Reckless Ruby 5018744025246, Blueberry Coulis 5018744025253, Deep Plum 5018744025260, Rich Bronze 5018744025277, Gold 5018744025284, Copper 5018744025291, Coral 5018744025307

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