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Liquid eyeliner


Liquid eyeliner

The all new Ink Liner will create a glossy black effect that will last all day. Eyeliner The intense black pigment is plant based, made from charcoal powder which comes from oak. The formula also contains no iron oxide or carbon black. A fine felt tip brush makes application easy and allows you to draw thin and precise lines.

Before you begin, make sure you’re sitting comfortably with a mirror positioned slightly below your eyes. To keep a steady hand, try placing your elbow on a surface in front of you. This will help you keep your balance. Start at the inside corner of the eyelid and move the brush gently outwards. If you’re worried about keeping it even, try drawing dots first and then connecting them. Remember to use light pressure as too much force could result in slipping and smudging. Slightly pulling the outer corner of the eye can also help keep the line straight. Try to stay as close to the lash line as possible and add a coat or two of our Ultimate Conditioning Mascara to your lashes to finish the look. Clean up any bumpy edges with a cotton bud or a small brush.

Winged eyeliner

To create a more dramatic look, try developing into winged eyeliner. This is created by adding a wing to the outer corner of the eye. Eyeliner1 First, draw a thin line from the inner to the outer corner of the eyelid, keeping close to the lash line. Eyeliner2 To make the wing, draw a small line starting from the outer corner and following the curve of the lower lash line. Next, connect the tip of the wing to create a triangle shape. Try making the line thicker to make the look stand out more. The key to this look is having the sharpest wing tip possible so neaten up any uneven edges with a cotton bud or with concealer and an angled brush. This can be worn alone or over any colour eyeshadow, depending on the desired finish.

Double winged eyeliner

The Ink Liner can be used to create any number of looks ranging from very simple to very daring. One idea to try is a double winged eyeliner. Eyeliner3 To create this look, first draw a simple winged eyeliner. Next, use the ink liner to draw along the bottom lash line, starting about a third of the way along. Eyeliner4 Extend the line upwards, remaining parallel to the bottom of the wing but keeping a small gap between the two. This line should be the same length of the wing or slightly shorter. Slightly thicken the line whilst ensuring it remains pointed. Try switching up the look by using varying lengths and thicknesses. One look to try is the fishtail which can be created by drawing curved wings that point in opposite directions.

Smudged Look

To create a smudged look, create a wing using the Ink Liner then add a small amount of black eyeshadow over the lash line. Keep the bottom of the wing sharp and straight. To take this look even further, try using a shimmering eyeshadow or adding glitter. Eyeliner6 Feeling brave? The Ink Liner is perfect for experimenting with exciting and bold looks. The fine felt tip makes it easy to draw precise lines. An easy way to begin is changing the length and angle of your winged eyeliner. This can change the shape of the eye and accentuate different features. Experimenting with this will help you find the look that suits your eye shape the best. For example, if you have rounded eyes, you may want to try elongating the wing.
Eyeliner8 Eyeliner7

Liquid Eyeliner

Ink Liner is a great alternative to a pencil liner, creating a glossy black long lasting effect. The black pigment is plant based made from oak, and the liner contains no iron oxide or carbon black. With the felt tip style brush it is incredibly easy to apply. A light touch will create even the thinnest of lines.

Getting Started

It can be easiest if you are sitting and place your elbow on a surface in front of you for balance. Slightly pulling the outside of the eye can help to achieve a straight line, but do keep releasing the eye and checking how it looks. Start somewhere between the inner corner of your eye and the middle on the upper eyelid, as close as possible to the lashes. With a light touch draw a line or a dotted line out to the outer corner of your eye. Repeat the action to fill in any misses. Copy the shape you have created to the other eye and allow to dry fully. Try to avoid opening your eye wide until they are fully dry to avoid black smudges. Clean up any bumpy edges with a cotton bud while the Ink Liner is still wet.

Different Styles

That’s the simplest look and perfect for a day time smart look. You can add a little under the eye as well, but keep it minimal and subtle for day time make up. For fun there are so many different effects that you can create with the Ink Liner.

The most natural look is a thin line on the top of the eye. Gradually add drama by developing this into winged eyes by drawing out the liner towards either the top of your ear, or your eyebrow depending on how it looks on you. Create a triangle



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